Coming Events:

Peace Vigil each Monday, 5 - 6 PM at the Four Corners,intersection of Kenwood and Delaware Aves. in Delmar. Bring your sign or use one of ours. Stay for a few minutes or an hour. Let's stand together for peace.
 (518) 466-1192 for further information.

BNP Discussion
Monday, August 4, 6:00 - 7:30 pm
Meet at Four Corners, after vigil to determine location
Delmar, NY

Our gatherings here are are always lively and interesting, with many good ideas discussed among neighbors and friends. Contact: 466-1192 for further information. New members always welcome!


Talk by Judy Bello & Scott Williams: US Intervention in Iraq and Syria, and ISIS on the Move
Thursday, August 7, 7:00 - 8:45 pm
Bethlehem Public Library
451 Delaware Ave., Delmar NY 

Judy Bello, a native of Rochester, will give a talk on the current crisis in Syria and Iraq. Judy Bello is a blogger and analyst.  She is a member of the Upstate Coalition to Ground the Drones and End the Wars, and a member of the UNAC Administrative Committee.  Judy went to Syria as an Election Observer this spring, and spent a month in Kurdish Iraq in 2009.  She has joined 2 Fellowship of Reconciliation Civilian Peace Delegations to Iran, and has also visited Pakistan, with a CodePink Peace Delegation. Judy will be joined by Scott Williams of Philadelphia.  Scott is a social justice activist with the International Action Committee who  traveled to Syria as an Election Observer with Judy. Scott Williams is the National Coordinator of FIST - Fight Imperialism, Stand Together, an anti-imperialist youth organization. Scott is also an organizer with International Action Center, including mobilizing for demonstrations against US wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and US-support for the persecution of the Palestinian people. Also, Scott has been a union organizer of low-wage workers in the USA and an active leader in student movements as well as the Occupy Wall St. He is based in Philadelphia, PA.  He blogs at    Judy and Scott will present a slideshow of images from their recent trip to Syria.   After that Judy and Scott will each speak about their experiences in Syria and provide some analysis of the current situation where ISIS has emerged from the Syrian insurrection into a powerful force in Iraq catalyzing realignments of power in the region.   What are the significant forces at play?  How are Syria and Iraq Connected?   What is the US role in this?   Where might it be leading?   Following our introductory remarks, we will open the floor for questions and discussion.    Facebook page   Judy Bello's blog   For additional information call (518) 466-1192.


Film-  American Empire:  An Act of Collective Madness
(THIS EVENT  POSTPONED from 7/15 and will be rescheduled  soon!)
Bethlehem Town Hall
445 Delaware Ave, Delmar

The documentary , American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness (2012, 96 minutes),  directed by Patrea Patrick,  covers a lot of ground, including: the Federal Reserve, U.S. foreign policy, corporate collusion and destructive agriculture. Included in the film, are interviews with Tariq Ali, G. Edward Griffin, Vandana Shiva, Gerald Celente, John Perkins and  Frances Morre Lappe.  "American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness" sheds light on the manner that the corporate controlled nation is holding out the genetically modified carrot to the masses rather than the flame of truth. ~ Huffington Post.   Join us.  Information 466-1192.