Coming Events:

Peace Vigil each Monday, 5 - 6 PM at the Four Corners,intersection of Kenwood and Delaware Aves. in Delmar. Bring your sign or use one of ours. Stay for a few minutes or an hour. Let's stand together for peace.  (518) 466-1192 for further information.  

Friday, November 16, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Leo O’Brien Federal Building, 1 Clinton Square, Albany. Rally in Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Refugees. We are deeply concerned that the Trump administration has been trying to close US borders to people fleeing violence and persecution. Amnesty International (AI) fears that Trump may try to ban Central Americans and others from claiming asylum at the southwest border. The administration announced that it was sending as many as 15,000 troops to the border with Mexico, in anticipation of the arrival of a caravan of a few thousand asylum-seekers. Over the past few months, there has been extreme demonization of immigrants and asylum-seekers, even as families and individuals are taking a dangerous journey to seek safety here. We are concerned about mass pushbacks of Central American asylum-seekers, use of excessive force by Customs and Border Patrol and other US officials, separation of families at the border and detention of individuals and families.
Local AI representative Carrie Kuehl said, “We are both saddened and angered by the baseless, racist fearmongering and vilification of the migrants/asylum-seekers traveling through Central America and Mexico, towards the U.S. border. They are neither an invasion nor a national security threat.” Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA said, “The people whose lives are endangered by this unspeakably cruel proposal are simply not national security threats. They are people just like you and me, except many have been forced to run for their lives from violence and persecution. All they are asking for is a chance to seek safety. They deserve our compassion, not our contempt.”
We affirm that seeking asylum is a human right, and that families fleeing violence and persecution deserve safety, not separation or jail. Hate and fear must not divide us. The America we believe in welcomes asylum-seekers and refugees. Sponsored by Amnesty International, local group 361.  Co-Sponsored by Bethlehem Neighbors for PEace and other organization promoting peace and justice.  For more info or to co-sponsor this event, contact Carrie Kuehl 518-453-0545 or Karen Beetle 518-424-7516.

Suzzane_GordonFriday, November 16, 7:00 pm,  Oakwood Community Center, 313 10th St., Troy, NY. The James Connolly  Forum: The Fight for Veterans Health Care: Suzanne Gordon.  Federally-funded veterans’ health care is now being restructured so that billions of taxpayer dollars will flow to private doctors and for-profit hospitals with little experience treating veterans.  Suzanne Gordon is an award-winning journalist and author. She has written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, The Nation, The Washington Monthly, The American Prospect, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, JAMA, The Annals of Internal Medicine, The BMJ, and others. She is the co-editor of the Culture and Politics of Health Care Work series at Cornell University Press. Suzanne has written 20 books including Life Support: Three Nurses on the Front Lines, Beyond the Checklist: What Else Healthcare Can Learn from Aviation Teamwork and Safety. Her latest book is The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare: Dispatches from the Frontlines of Policy Making and Patient Care.
Suzanne is also the co-editor of eight books, including Collaborative Caring: Stories and Reflections on Teamwork in Healthcare (January 2015), edited with David L. Feldman and Michael Leonard and First Do Less Harm: Confronting Inconvenient Problems in Patient Safety, edited with Ross Koppel (May 2012). She is a co-author of From Silence to Voice: What Nurses Know and Must Communicate to the Public. She recently edited When Chicken Soup Isn’t Enough: Stories of Nurses Standing Up For Themselves, Their Patients and Their Profession. Suzanne is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the UCSF School of Nursing and an Affiliated Scholar with the University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine’s Wilson Centre. With Lisa Hayes, she has written a play about patient safety and teamwork entitled Bedside Manners. Suzanne is the Senior Policy Fellow at the Veterans’ Health Care Policy Institute.
 Co-Sponsored Bethlehem Neighbors For Peace, Capital District Democratic Socialists of America, Capital District Socialist Party, American Federation of Government Employees Local 3343, James Connolly Social Club
James Connolly Upstate N.Y. IWW Branch, Troy Area Labor Council AFL-CIO, SEIU Local 200 United.
Located  Exit 9E off 787 Collar City Bridge for  Rte 7: on left  at 2nd light between 9th and 10th Sts. Parking on left on 9th St., Old Fire station building parking lot  left on 10th  Use the door facing Hoosick St., Donation of $5 requested, $2 unemployed and students more information: 518 407 3582  Facebook Link


Saturday, November 24,  7:30 pm
“The Black Power Mixtape, 1967-1975”
First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany
405 Washington Avenue (across the street from the downtown SUNY campus)

The Solidarity Committee of the Capital District continues its 2018-19 film series with the screening of “The Black Power Mixtape, 1967-1975” (2011, 92 minutes).  This documentary draws on a treasure trove of film footage shot roughly a half century ago by Swedish journalists who came to the United States to cover urban unrest.  Gaining access to many leaders of the Black Power movement―including Stokely Carmichael, Angela Davis, and Eldridge Cleaver―the filmmakers captured them in intimate moments and remarkably unguarded interviews.  Decades later, this lush collection was found languishing in the basement of Swedish Television.  Director Göran Olsson and co-producer Danny Glover then brought it to light in this mosaic of images, music, and narration chronicling the evolution of the Black Power movement.  Given the persistence of racism in American life and efforts to overcome it, this remains a story of more than historical interest. Co-sponsored by Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace, the Social Justice Center, and Upper Hudson Peace Action, the film screening will take place in Room B-8 (basement level) of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Albany, located at 405 Washington Avenue (across the street from the downtown SUNY campus).  Admission is free, and free refreshments will be provided.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Information: 518-466-1192

No to NATO
Thursday, December 13, 7:00 - 9:00 pm,  Bethlehem Public Library, 451 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY.  
Report back from Joe Lombardo on the First International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases in Dublin, Ireland on Novermber 16-18. In addition we will have a post election discussion  on the  results of the midterm voting.   Everyone is welcome.  Sponsored by Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace.  Information: 518-466-1192.

Citizen Clark
Wednesday, January 9, 7:00 - 9:00 pm,  Bethlehem Public Library, 451 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, NY. Film: Citizen Clark: A Life of Principle
.  (2018, 95 minutes) is a documentary by Joseph C. Stillman. For the past fifty years, former U.S. Attorney General and Human Rights activist Ramsey Clark has challenged the abuses of U.S. power and championed numerous causes that have affected humanity.  The examines  his lifetime commitment to movements from Civil Rights, to U.S. wars, to incidents like the Parkland, Florida shooting.  As a participant who helped to write some of  our country's  greatest legislation (The Civil Rights  Acts of 1964 & 1968 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 among others), Ramsey Clark's life has been a steadfast example of a truth seeker on a mission  to expose the facts. The fim stars starring Martin Sheen, Frank Serpico and Ralph Nader.  Sponsored by Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace.  Information: 518-466-1192.